Popular consumer credit 

Popular consumer credit 

Goods that do not please can be returned in retail without any problems. Even if smaller prices are waiting in the next shop, the purchase can be canceled. Best Banks “dream loan” works on the same principle. The bank has been offering a 30-day right of return since the end of March, protecting its customers from rash decisions. Futher reading at agev.net

Installment or consumer credit is one of the most popular financial products. Whether the modernization of the apartment, the rental deposit or the dream car, different life situations require different financing options. At Best Bank, customers can take out installment loans of between 1,500 and 25,000 USD.

With a personal application in the branch on site, amounts of up to 50,000 USD are also possible. The special thing is the right of withdrawal, this is required by law and is usually 14 days, Best Bank extends the decision and test phase for its customers to 30 days. More time to catch up and compare other offers.

If the loan is repaid in full within this period, no interest will be charged. With this new offer, the bank is aiming to focus more on private customer business, and more customers should choose Best Bank. Installment loans from Best Bank are not earmarked; terms between 6 and 84 months are possible.

In addition to the 30-day test phase, the option of free special repayments, which may amount to a maximum of 50 percent of the loan amount once a year, is also impressive.

Compare before spending money

When borrowing, credit-independent interest is calculated, which is based on the term. At Best Bank, the effective interest rate ranges between 5.95 and 10.95 percent, which means that interest rates are somewhat higher than at other banks, so that a comparison should not be missing despite the test phase.

Strongbank currently offers installment loans with an effective interest rate of 4.79 percent, while Postbank’s consumer loan has an interest rate of 5.26 percent.

Customers who already have a current account with the bank receive an additional 0.5 percentage points as a loyalty bonus. Young people in particular should carefully consider borrowing so that larger purchases do not lead to the debt trap.

But it is not only the interest that is decisive here, the conditions of the bank, fairness in lending and special repayments also play a role. If you would like to take advantage of Best Banks offer, you should have a fixed employment contract; freelancers and the self-employed do not receive a dream loan from Best Bank.

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