Looking for an attractive cash loan, we usually browse the offers of various banks, even those that do not have their branches in the place where we live. Sometimes we forget that the best solution is right at hand, at the post office – Payday Bank. Sensational cash loan with an attractive interest rate, which is intended for representatives of liberal professions, employees of selected enterprises, pensioners and pensioners, can be obtained immediately.

Each of us knows how to bring joy to ourselves and our relatives. For some, it will be an exotic trip with the closest person, for others a small renovation of the apartment, which will give a better life, or a new automatic washing machine that will make our life easier and make washing easy, effective and economical.

You can easily achieve what you dream about! Finally, plans that you always put off for later will come true.


A cash loan at Payday Bank is always at hand

A cash loan at Payday Bank is always at hand

  • Low interest rate
  • The amount of the loan – from PLN 500 to PLN 150,000
  • Loan repayment period – from 6 to 150 months
  • Up to PLN 15,000 without the consent of the spouse

At Payday Bank, there is always a promotional offer of cash loans for BI Account holders. Cash loan is the loan amount up to PLN 100,000 with a reduced interest rate, a lower commission and simplified formalities. The required documents are only: two identity documents (including an ID card) and a decision on awarding the benefit or a decision on the last valorization. Cash loan for Nestor is a loan term of up to 120 months. We can borrow up to PLN 10,000 without the consent of the spouse.


Pensioners and Pensioners

Pensioners and Pensioners

Cash loan without certificates. Loan for evidence! Two identity documents (including an ID card) and a decision about granting the benefit. This is enough to get a cash loan from Payday Bank, as long as the senior has


Cash loan for selected professional groups

Cash loan for selected professional groups

A cash loan for selected professional groups is also an attractive offer available at Payday Bank. Attractive interest rates are waiting for customers – from 9.99% per annum.

The loan is intended for:


– representatives of the so-called “free professions”, that is:

  • attorneys, notaries, legal advisers, bailiffs, probation officers,
  • accountants, tax advisors,
  • statutory auditors, property appraisers, patent agents,
  • insurance brokers,
  • pharmacists,
  • architects,
  • sworn translators,
  • doctors, dentists, nurses, midwives,
  • veterinarians,

who obtain income under a contract of employment, managerial contract or business activity and submit a document confirming the right to practice.

Employees of the so-called “Reduced Risk Workplaces”, meaning

Employees of the so-called "Reduced Risk Workplaces", meaning

    • Marshal’s Offices and Local Government Units (JST) and their budgetary units, including kindergarten and school,
    • Polish Armed Forces and their subordinate institutions, including Military Property Agency, Military Housing Agency,
    • state offices and institutions:
  • ministries and voivodeship offices as well as institutions subordinate to them, including universities, Polish Academy of Sciences, National School of Public Administration,
  • Internal Security Agency, Foreign Intelligence Agency, National Security Bureau, Government Protection Bureau, State Fire Service, Police, Border Guard, Customs Service,
  • Agricultural Property Agency, Agency for Restructuring and Modernization of Agriculture, Chief Inspectorate for Environmental Protection, Chief Veterinary Inspectorate, National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management, National Forestry Enterprise State Forests and institutions subordinated to them,
  • State Archives, Central Statistical Office, Central Office of Measures, Polish Committee for Standardization, Patent Office and institutions subordinate to them
  • General Inspector for Personal Data Protection, Main Pharmaceutical Inspectorate, Main Office of Building Control, National Health Fund, Supreme Audit Office, National Labor Inspectorate, State Fund for Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons, Public Procurement Office and institutions subordinate to them,
  • Institute of National Remembrance, Supreme Administrative Court, National Electoral Commission, Supreme Court, General Courts, Public Prosecutor’s Offices, Ombudsman for Children’s Rights, Ombudsman, Office of Competition and Consumer Protection and institutions subordinated to them,
    • listed companies listed on all WSE indices,
    • companies and institutions with a stable economic situation.

Cash loans and other products of Payday Bank are available online. All you have to do is complete the on-line application which you will find on our website, and the adviser will contact you immediately and inform you about the next procedure.

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